Dermatology and Clinical Research Premedical Fellowship

A two-year premedical clinical training program

In partnership with its affiliated site Beacon Clinical Research, DermCare Experts welcomes high-achieving college graduates to apply to its two-year premedical fellowship, suitable for those who will be applying to medical school but who need patient experience to strengthen their applications in this extremely competitive environment.

Fellows will become certified medical assistants as well as clinical research coordinators, working in all aspects of the clinic as well as pharmaceutical research, and will hone their medical vocabulary as well as interpersonal skills. They will manage clinical research trials, attend relevant conferences, and learn foundational skills for medical school such as phlebotomy, taking vitals, eliciting patient histories, scribing prescriptions under physician supervision, assisting in surgery, and assisting in cosmetic procedures.  They will also gain exposure to dermatopathology and Mohs surgery with our referral partners, and learn to interact with a very diverse patient population.  Finally, they will meet rotating medical students and internal medicine residents, thus expanding their perspective of life in medical training.

Attention to detail and specific commitment to medical school are critical characteristics of the successful applicant.  We do not evaluate students without a demonstrated track record of academic success, as evidenced in high GPAs, club leadership, and excellent letters of recommendation.  CVs and cover letters are reviewed throughout the year, but ideal candidates will be able to start after spring graduation, for two years.  Interviews are held on site, and involve in part shadowing in the clinic.

Current and Past Fellows

Brian D’Amore

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2017

Drexel University College of Medicine 2022

Maxine Lai

Wesleyan University 2017

Sabrina Jamiel

Boston University 2016
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences School of Physician Assistant Studies 2019


Natasha Khona

Boston University 2016

Nicole Mastacouris

University of New Hampshire 2014

Kalvin Nash

Hamilton College 2018