Cosmetic Dermatology

Had the best skin check I’ve ever had – Dr. Kuohung is super careful, takes her time, explains everything, not pushy. Unlike other dermatologists who rushed me in and out the door. Read more

I have had problems with my hair and scalp for years and it was not until I found Dr. Kuohung that I felt things started to go in the right direction. Read more

Cosmetic Dermatology
Achieving a refreshed natural look with the latest technologies

The world of aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology is constantly growing and evolving with new treatments and technologies is available in our Quincy Dermatology office.

Whether a patient wants to soften the lines on the forehead, tighten the neck, add volume to the skin for a more youthful appearance or reshape the cheekbones, we will help you to achieve a natural, radiant look.

At Dermcare, we divide up our aesthetic protocols into categories that help our patients determine how best to reach their goals. Whatever is the concern, we enjoy nothing more than helping a patient realize skin health and beauty goals.