Clinical Trials, Fellowships & Medical Student Rotations

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Phase I to Phase IV Clinical Trials
Become part of one of our clinical trials

DermCare Experts conducts Phase I to IV clinical trials for a variety of skin diseases. Our principal investigator and staff have more than 10 years of research experience and have designed their own investigator-initiated trials as well as managed trials for leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

We have a complete research unit with all necessary equipment and proper certification, and have collaborated in developing cutting edge electronic source software acknowledged in the clinical trials industry as best-in-class.

Phase I to IV clinical trials conducted

Actinic keratoses
Atopic dermatitis
Laser hair removal
Onychomycosis (toenail fungus)

DermCare Experts is equipped
with the following research equipment:

  • Bed, shower and kitchen facilities
  • 4 dedicated research exam rooms
  • Secure drug storage room
  • Locked cabinet for controlled substances
  • Wireless Internet
  • Internet-based video security
  • Fully equipped laboratory
  • 2-8 Celsius refrigerator
  • -20 freezer
  • -80 freezer
  • Access to dry ice
  • Uninterrupted power supply

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Combined Dermatology and Clinical Research Post-baccalaureate Premedical Fellowship
A two-year premedical clinical training program
In partnership with its affiliated site Beacon Clinical Research, DermCare Experts welcomes college graduates to apply to its two-year premedical training program, suitable for those who intend to apply to medical school but who need to gain patient experience to strengthen their applications in this extremely competitive environment.

Successful applicants will become certified medical assistants interfacing in all aspects of the clinic, and will hone their medical vocabulary as well as interpersonal skills while helping to manage patient affairs. Attention to detail and willingness to work hard are critical characteristics of the successful applicant. CVs and cover letters are reviewed throughout the year, but ideal candidates will be able to start after spring graduation.

Current and Past Fellows

Kalvin Nash

Hamilton College 2018

Brian D’Amore

Drexel University College of Medicine 2022

Maxine Lai

Wesleyan University 2017

Sabrina Jamiel

Boston University 2016

Natasha Khona

Boston University 2016

Michelle Nguyen

Boston University 2015

Nicole Mastacouris

University of New Hampshire 2014

Medical Student Rotations
Offering total immersion in a fast-paced dermatology practice

DermCare Experts is pleased to welcome medical students from MD or DO schools to rotate in its outpatient clinic. We have successfully hosted rotations offering total immersion in a fast-paced dermatology practice where medical students manage their own patient load with MD oversight. Students will be exposed to medical, pediatric, surgical and cosmetic patients.

Elizabeth McAndrew
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine 2018

Phung Tran
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine 2018

Daniel Jenkins
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine 2018

Pian Pian Wu
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine 2018

“DermCare Experts is an excellent site for a dermatology rotation whether you are interested in going into dermatology or developing a basic foundation in dermatology. Dr. Kuohung is extremely enthusiastic about teaching and constantly elicits feedback from students to improve their experience. Students become integrated members of the care team during their rotation. Students are able to assist in excisional biopsies, suturing, phlebotomy, and other surgical procedures. It was a great experience! ” A. Chung

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine 2017