Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center College Access and Post-Secondary (CAPS) Program



Program Contact: Lydia Duan
Dates: January 2023 – ongoing

Round-Table Discussion: 11/27/2023 

Program Description: 

As part of the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center’s Youth Center College Access and Post-Secondary (CAPS) Program, each premedical fellow serves as a mentor to a high school junior or senior. In this role, fellows offer invaluable one-on-one support to their mentees as they navigate the complexities of post-secondary options and financial aid. The youth involved in the program often face additional challenges, being first-generation, low-income, English language learners, and/or recent immigrants, which can significantly complicate the college application process.

Through weekly one-on-one meetings, college tours, and round-table discussions, mentors aim to empower their mentees to explore their interests and articulate their future goals. This personalized guidance not only helps alleviate the difficulties inherent in the college application process but also nurtures the aspirations of these youth.