EVKids Premedical Panel- Medicine at a Glance



Program Contacts: Dasia Miles Langaigne, Ashley Clavel
Dates: Fri Jan 27, 2023 6:15pm – 8:45pm

Program Description: 

Premedical Fellows organized a comprehensive event, comprising a “Medicine at a Glance” presentation, a panel discussion, and a dinner, specifically tailored for Boston middle and high school students from EVKids who harbor an interest in pursuing careers in health and science. EVKids, dedicated to empowering underserved Boston youth, achieves its mission through programs such as after-school tutoring and annual camps.

Each fellow shared their unique experience navigating the college admissions process and exploring careers in medicine. In the panel discussion, the students and fellows explored the numerous specialities that exist in medicine and discussed the pros and cons of the field. While the road to medicine can be long, fellows shared the healthy learning habits and organizational skills that may help each student succeed in school and life.